Things To Do in Ostuni Puglia

Things To Do in Ostuni Puglia

Before we talk about the best things to do in Ostuni let’s understand a bit of the history of this wonderful place in the south of Italy.

The so called Citta’ Bianca (the White City) because of the beautiful lime houses that cover the entire city, lime was the most common and easy to find material to build houses in the middle ages.

The name Ostuni come from the Greek ostu-neon, new city, but in reality the city is quite old, dating back 2000 years. In the middle ages Ostuni was the house of the Bizantine then the Saracens, but the most influential times that shaped the beauty of Ostuni is during the Rinascimento.

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Throughout the city centre you can explore the many churches the little streets and piazza’s that tells the story of the past.

Where to Stay in Ostuni

The top 6 Things To Do in Ostuni For First Times

Ostuni Cathedral

The wonderful Cathedral of Ostuni, located in the upper part of the city, was built by Ferdinand of Aragon and Alfonso II, sovereigns of the Kingdom of Naples, this is a must visit during your time in Ostuni. The Gothic style Cathedral of the fifteenth century is one of the largest in the world. The facade has three elegant pointed portals, and the interior has three naves, with a precious painted ceiling and spectacular baroque chapels. In the co-cathedral, you’ll find the marble baptismal font and beautiful altars, with an eighteenth-century canvas created by Domenico Antonio Vaccaro.

The Aragonesi Wall

The walls were built by Angevins in the Middle Ages to protect the city and the people of Ostuni by the invasion of the Saracens first and then the Aragonese family expanded the wall in the fifteenth century to protect the city against the invasion of the Turks. The walls today is one of the most visited sites and remain one of the most beautiful testimonies of the history of Ostuni.

Piazza della Liberta’ (Liberty Square)

This is a must place to see as you’ll live an unforgettable experience, the square is surrounded by the wonderful rococo style Church of San Francesco, now the town hall, then the Church of the Holy Spirit, Palazzo San Francesco and the very famous Obelisk of Sant’Oronzo also called la Guglia. In this beautiful square past and present blend perfectly together with the old and the new with many cafes and restaurants where tourists and locals alike meet to enjoy this incredible place.

Obelisk of Saint Oronzo

The obelisk is a tribute to the protector of the city, Saint Oronzo over 21 metres high and is located in Piazza Della Liberta’, the legends say that the Saint in 1740 speared the city from the plague. The obelisk has Latin inscriptions and at the top a statue dedicated to the Saint. The veneration of Saint Oronzo is strong in the city and you’ll find many places and statues dedicated to him throughout Ostuni. Another place to consider to visit near Ostuni is the Sanctuary of Sant’Oronzo, in Monte Morrone.

Saint Biagio Sanctuary

This church dates back to the 12th century located in the south side of the Murge, this shows the influence and presence in the area of Ostuni and the surrounding area of the Byzantine from the 9th to the 11th century. A legend says that the first people to live in the Sanctuary and the area of Sant Biagio were monks.

Civic Museum of Ostuni

The Civic Museum of Ostuni is one of the most important museums in the city. Located inside the Saint Vito Martire church attached to the Carmelite monastery. The museum holds findings discovered around the area, this is a testimony of the ancients of the city that goes back to the Paleolithic Age. This is a must site to visit.

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Marina di Ostuni

The Marina di Ostuni, which stretches for 17km with incredible beauty. The Costa Merlata, which is so called for its rugged coasts and suggestive scenery.  Lido Morelli is an area that has been declared a Regional and Natural Reserve, with soft white sand. Rosa Marina, on the other hand, is a place famous for its reserved beaches.

Torre Pozzella with its rocks overlooking the sea and the sixteenth-century tower from which it takes its name. With unique landscapes and crystal clear waters become the wonderful setting for parties and concerts in the evening for you to enjoy.

Area protetta di Torre Guaceto

Finally, among other things to do in Ostuni, we also recommend Torre Guaceto, the Marine Protected Area and WWF Nature Reserve, which is about 30-40 minutes from the city centre. The Reserve area of Torre Guaceto extends for about 1,200 hectares of flora and fauna to be discovered immerse in the wonderful nature.

How to Get to Ostuni

If you are travelling by plane the closest airport is Brindisi only 35km from Ostuni. You can get a bus to Via Ruggero de Simone then you need to change for a connection to Ostuni Piazza Italia. The best and fastest way to get to Ostuni is via taxi and the rate is from €65., more info here.

If you are travelling by train you can get to Ostuni from anywhere in Italy with the intercity or regional trains. We hope that this simple guide will help you decide on what to do in Ostuni during your holiday in this amazing part of south of Italy.

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