Procida Island Day Trip – Our Simple Guide
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Procida Island Day Trip – Our Simple Guide

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In this article we’ll lay out the best tips and advice on how to plan your Procida Island day trip to one of the most undiscovered places in Italy.

Isola di Procida is a beautiful, laid back island off the coast of Naples. It’s part of the Phlegraean Islands (Isole Flegree), which includes the famous isle of Ischia. At about 1.5 square miles, the smallest of the gulf. But it has gorgeous, calm scenery and amazing sea food for you to enjoy.

Procida hosts a natural scenery of lemon trees and colorful buildings. It has a homey, charming atmosphere to it, with narrow paths perfect for exploring on foot. As you walk between the hilled alleys, you’ll find flowers, clothes, and other decor hanging overhead from the natives’ pastel homes.

Are you looking for the best things to do in Procida? Read on as we’ll give you the best tips and advice to make your visit unforgettable. Follow our simple step by step guide to the best restaurants, historical sights, and beaches for a great Procida island day trip.

Where to stay in Procida

Getting to Procida Island

If you’re going from Naples to Procida, you can choose two ports. Book a ferry or hydrofoil from either Molo Beverello or Porta di Massa.

A hydrofoil from Molo Beverello takes between 35 to 50 minutes to reach the island. From Porta di Massa the ferry takes about one hour to get to the Island. Procida is only 23 km off of Naples’ coast, so the journey is short and sweet either way. If you are coming from Sorrento you can get a ferry directly to Procida (at the time of writing this article there are 3 ferries operating every day during the summer).

Once you’re in Procida, you can explore the Island by walk or alternatively you can use the local bus service. But we strongly suggest that you should explore this incredible island by walking around to captive the magical atmosphere.

Marina di Corricella

When you arrive in Procida, the first thing you’ll see is Marina Grande. Then, you can take a 12-minute walk down Via Principe Umberto to reach Marina di Corricella.

Marina di Corricella is a fisher men’s port with vibrant buildings and stunning cliffs. The architecture boasts colors in beautiful blues, greens, pinks, and yellows. Some say the islanders painted it this way so fishermen could know which home was theirs when they came back from work.

If you’re a foodie and love seafood dishes you’ll be in your element as the restaurants offer some of the most amazing local cuisine. Some of the best restaurants are Il Maestrale, La Graziella, and Caracale. Try Caracale’s sea urchin pasta or La Graziella’s linguini with lemon to really get a feel of local flavors.

Terra Murata

Terra Murata is a must-see for your Procida island day trip. It’s the heart of Procida: a historical center at the highest point of the island.

Medieval military fortresses surround Terra Murata, protecting the town for centuries. Back then, Procidani (native Procida inhabitants) were facing invasions from the Saracens. Once at the top make sure to visit the Palazzo d’Avalos and the Abbey of San Michele.

Since Terra Murata is at the highest point of Procida, you’ll have to take a steep walk up. But the journey is more than worth it with incredible views over the island and the Gulf of Naples.

Museo Casa di Graziella

This museum is a tribute to a famous novel. Frenchman Alphonse de Lamartine wrote Graziella in 1849, a romantic story about a man who falls in love with a local Procidana.

La Casa di Graziella is an homage to this dramatic novel and an opportunity to see life in 18th century Procida. The museum boasts a collection of 18th-century fashion, architecture, and decorations from the island.

La Casa di Graziella gives you a charming look into what life was like in Procida then. This museum aims to safeguard and pass on the history of Procida to posterity, through the myth of Graziella who lived and died for love.

Abbazia San Michele Arcangelo

The Abbey of Saint Michael, a Benedictine foundation dating back to the 11th century, destroyed and rebuilt over the centuries, the current architecture dates back to the 1500.

The impressive abbey complex testifies the role it had in the past as the island’s religious and cultural center. From the architectural point of view the abbey has been transformed over the centuries; the oldest part dates back to the 15th century although there are historical traces from 1026 which attest to the existence of a monastery in this same place. The Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo is one of the most prestigious and richest churches in southern Italy.

One of its most interesting pieces is a painting of St Michael Archangel protecting Procida from Saracens. Alongside that, you can find gold patterned ceilings, sculptures, and a cozy terrace overlooking the bay. If you wish you can take a paid tour of the library. The library has a rich collection of literature with texts dating back to the 16th century.

Procida Beaches

Chiaiolella Beach

Chiaiolella beach has clear and warm shallow waters that make it safer to swim. The beach is located in the south-western part of the Island and gets the sun all day long and also an incredible sunset.

Pozzo Vecchio Beach

This beach is also known as Il Postino Beach is located on the wester side of the Island. You may recognize it from the 1994 acclaimed movie by the same name, Il Postino. This is one of the most gorgeous beaches that the Island has to offer where the sun looks like it never seems to set.

Chiaia Beach

Located near Marina di Corricella on the west part. This is a long narrow beach with incredible views over Capri and Mount Vesuvius.

Punta Ottimo

Located near the Pozzo Vecchio beach but is a bit more difficult to access so if you are looking for a very quiet beach to spend the day this is the perfect one.

Silurenza Beach

This beach is close to Marina Grande and the ferry pier and one of the busiest beaches of the island with access to many bars and restaurants.

Lingua Beach

Located near Marina Grande and the ferry port so very easily accessible. The characteristic of this beach, unlike all the other beaches on the island, that have dark volcanic sand, Lingua is gravelly but the water is absolutely fantastic, clear and warm. This is a free beach and is a particularly gorgeous spot in the early morning for a spectacular sunrise.

Scenic Walks

Hikers should check out the Via Solchiaro at the southern point of Procida. It gives you rugged, natural landscapes you can finish within a day. During your journey, you’ll admire beautiful views over the Marina Chiaiolella and the island of Vivara.

Isola di Vivara is a natural preserve with rare plants, wild rabbits, and migratory birds. You can visit it on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Otherwise, you can explore the entire island within a day. If you are not a keen hiker, take advantage of the local bus service to get around the island. We recommend you buy your tickets in advance at local bars to save money.

With all these sites, you’ll have plenty to explore and lots things to do on your Procida island day trip. We hope you enjoy the native charm and relaxation that this little island has to offer.

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